Avoid The highest 10 Roof Tent Mistakes

If you want to do this, you’ll need at least two people and around 30 minute to an hour of time. Most rooftop tents are designed to sleep two people comfortably. If you plan to leave your rooftop tent mounted to your vehicle long term, you’re better off going with a hard-shell model with UV and mold resistant fabric. Most models have small awnings over the windows so you can leave them open, even when it’s raining. Because rooftop tents are such a hassle to install and remove, most people leave their tent mounted on their vehicle’s roof. The best roof top tent has to ship to the end user fast. Our iKamper Skycamp dual-layer hard lid roof top tents are extremely simple to set up, you’ll be ready to camp in as little as one minute! There are plenty of amazing free or paid locations where you can stay the night with a roof tent, such as in Norway or Sweden, roof tents where you can often also stay at Aires. There is space between your vehicle’s roof.

Similar to the Roofnest Sparrow Eye, this hard shell roof top tent also features a storage cutout on the outside of the tent which is useful for stowing lightweight items. How to install the roof top tent? With a 2 person capacity; you’ll find that this roof tent is also lightweight, at only 50 lbs, and measures 95” W x 56” L x 51 H. Able to hold 660 lbs and tough enough to stand up to wear and tear, if you’re looking for a tent that won’t let you down, you’ve just found it. Also, you can’t stand up and walk around in a rooftop tent. Also, try to pitch your tent in a shaded area when you camp. This awesome rooftop tent might be the toughest choice on our list for those who want to get off-road and camp out during the winter months. As long as your vehicle can safely get you to where you want to camp, your RTT will keep you cozy and safe from the elements. Mold can form, even if your tent was perfectly dry when you stored it. For others, looks are important, even if we don’t like to admit it.


For some people, looks don’t matter. These thin and lightweight materials don’t last as long as heavier materials. If you don’t dry everything out, you risk allowing mold and mildew grow. When you get home, make sure the tent is completely dry before you store it. Havng said this, it’s best to open up your tent and remove your mattress after your trip to let everything dry out completely. Gets annoying over the course of a long trip. Head on over to our Youtube channel. UV light from the sun can damage your tent over time. Lighter materials. This is necessary to make them light enough to carry around. Manufactures can use heavier, more robust materials to build rooftop tents because your vehicle carries the weight instead of you. Designs and materials have improved. Many tents claim to have “universal” fittings, but it’s still a good idea to check compatibility with your system. Larger folding rooftop tents exist that have space to sleep up to four.

You should get a decade of use out of a quality rooftop tent if you take care of it. They can handle years of use and abuse. Upal Outdoors Manufactory Ltd is one of the members of UPAL GROUP, was established in 2001, it has more than 10 years of experience in producing tents with a daily capacity to produce 2000 foldable tents. Ground tents, on the other hand, often only last around 5 years. In general, hard-shell models last longer than soft-shell models. Culled from the ever-growing rooftop tent market, here are three models that present a diversity in size, construction and budget. The brand is worth placing in the list because of its 3 different models creating a buzz in the market. The best companies offer great products and exceptional customer care, making them worth your time and money. They also use a magnet and foam, but are stuck to the rear of your vehicle, making them better suited for SUVs.


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