Master The Artwork Of Roof Tent With These 3 Ideas

Static Weight: All roof racks can carry significantly more static weight than they can dynamic. A vehicle and rack can always handle way more static weight than dynamic weight. As expected, soft shell roof tents have a big advantage over hard shell units on weight and foldability. Lastly, we have our final soft shell roof tent, offered by the OutNests brand. We now have a specialist, efficiency workforce to deliver excellent service for our purchaser. Their beginnings centred on research and innovation of new, affordable products but the company is now aiming to improve their customer aftersales experience and support. Being the only UK-based brand featured, they also have the upper hand for customer service and support with any issues. Being a passion project, every product they produce is made to the best possible quality, using high strength, durable materials and assessing every hand-made product before it is sold to customers. Solid materials and attention to detail ensure good product longevity. In general, the more expensive options will utilise stronger and thicker materials, upping the initial purchase price but, at the same time, increasing the longevity and improving the sleeping experience. Tear resistant, waterproof Oxford 420D polyester material is used to construct the tent, ensuring longevity and protection, even in harsh UK winters.

High-quality Oxford PU materials are used to keep the elements out and the warmth in, promising excellent durability, having been well tested against weather far worse than we get even on the worst days of UK winter. A high-density foam mattress and telescopic ladder are also included in the kit for ease of access and the best possible comfort. Included in the kit is a collapsible ladder. It also features a lightweight telescopic aluminium ladder internal storage pockets. Aluminium joints and protected poles make for a sturdy construction, along with an easy fold out procedure to pop the tent up in no time. Waterproof canvas material on the sides keeps occupants dry, while the fibre-less material prevents foul odours within the tent. Arduous conditions are what the Ventura Deluxe was built for, tested in 55mph winds and at temperatures as low as -27C, this tent will easily survive difficult conditions and comfort occupants in the coldest of British winters. RetroRacks are a business born from the passion for VW vans and roof racks.

This inevitably led to the business expanding it’s portfolio. Ocean Cross began their business building roof tents nearly 40 years ago, aiming squarely at adventurous enthusiasts. The UK-based company saw that enthusiasts didn’t want to spend thousands on a roof tent so started working with global suppliers to bring quality, affordable roof tents to the UK. The brand was created to fill the gap in the market for outdoor enthusiasts that wanted adventure. Next, we have a brand that’s all about roof tents, literally. Have a growing network to supply their products across the globe. A memory foam mattress is provided to supply ample comfort. Though highly affordable, this roof tent will easily sleep 3-4 people in comfort, thanks to the included high-density foam mattress. The Front Runner Roof Top Tent is a four-season tent made from a 260g 600d polyester/cotton ripstop material that sleeps two. The product easily sleeps two adults.

What are the advantages of this product? Also included are a 7cm-thick mattress and foldable ladder for easy entry and exit. A telescopic ladder is included for easy access. The strong materials ensure good insulation against noise and the elements, while the star gazing roof allows for that “open air” feel. Whether hard or soft shelled, a roof tents waterproofing, sound deadening, and insulation will be highly dependent on the materials used in its construction. This roof tent will fit almost any vehicle with roof rails. The tilting roof design allows for wind to flow over the tent without excess noise or movement, this works both when in use and also minimises excess fuel consumption when travelling with the tent folded. Simply collapses down into a typical roof box shape when not in use. The biggest danger to a rooftop tent is the elevation and the ladders that people need to climb up and down to get in and out of the tent. The tent comes with a comfortable 3-inch-foam mattress. The mattress inside the tent is a generous 3.5 inches thick and made of closed-cell foam. The ability to package neatly often gives these sorts of tents a huge size advantage, as a larger tent can be folded and stored in a much smaller space.


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